Post template

Each weekly post should use this format. You have flexibility in the way in which you respond and interpret this template. The main intent is for you to make a varied, interesting post making use of various ways of communicating.

The template for response will have the following requirements, and will be able to be posted in mixed format of text/image/video, or using embedded YouTube videos:

  1. Illustrate the concept with an image or video with a sentence or two about how the media illustrates the week’s concepts, readings, and videos.
  2. Give a brief summary of the lecture/reading/video/prompt
  3. Explain how this might be used in the context of leadership, citing a core theory or concept of leadership and how the reading adds new information. Feel free to do this throughout. 
  4. Give 2 clear examples of how you have seen (something like) this used in an organization, or how you would use it in a communication role.
  5. Add a link to a scholarly resource that continues or strengthens the conversation on the topic.