Final Project: App/Device Development

Why develop a mobile app or device for your organization?

Mobile apps and specialized devices are one way forward for organizations that want to have a closer, ongoing bond with their stakeholders. With an installed application or tool that reminds stakeholders of brand elements, notifications, images, products, ideas, and the organization itself, there is a greater chance for engagement, which potentially leads to more productivity, projects, or sales.

Mobile App

Mobile App (Photo credit: mdurwin2)

For the second and final project this semester, you are to develop a 5 minute pitch that introduces a plan for a mobile app or specialized electronic device for your business. It should answer the following questions for stakeholders, build interest and support for the application or product, and stay in keeping with your organizational brand.


You must create a 5 minute video. you can choose to deliver a presentation, slideshow, a talking head shot, screencast, or other imagery. You will be graded on content, quality of format, and variety. 20 points are at stake. The more types of literacy you show, the better. Demonstrate code. Use screenshots. Use audio clips. Play music. We should not wonder what the app or product looks, tastes, or feels like. Demonstrate that.

Have fun. Make it great. Make a portfolio piece. 

You will deliver your presentation by embedding your video in your final post by the start of our final class on December 15th, 2015, and have the questions answered below before class in the body of a post. The content of your post should essentially be the script and illustrations. The result is a single post with a video followed by the content of the video in textual-visual form. If you do this well, you prove the important learning outcome of visual transliteracy, and demonstrate your ability to communicate in audio, video, text, graphics, photography, and drafting.


Questions to consider in proposing your mobile application.

What will your app do, what are its key functions? Does it tell users about news? Share galleries of images? Update progress or scores? What will users be able to do with your app on a walk, in their car, or elsewhere? Keep track of scores? Show how to get around a city? Guide users? What applications inspired your app idea?

What phone or tablet sensors (GPS, camera, mic, speakers, temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) will it use? For example, can users take a photo of something related to your work and share it with other users of the app? Would it be useful for the app to know the local temperature, and somehow make useful insights with that data? Be especially creative here.

What business problems does it solve? Does this app change the focus of your business in any way?

How does it compare to similar apps or products being offered by peer organizations in your industry?

What would it look like? What would the user interface allow you to do most easily? USE INKSCAPE TO ANSWER THIS. Give examples of applications that have a similar navigation style to yours. Visuals will help here. Inkscape could be useful in mocking up the key screens of your app. You may want to make use of Wireframing for your design, and below is an example from Izabela Mendonça Riz via

Mobile wireframing by Izabela Mendonça Riz via

Mobile wireframing by Izabela Mendonça Riz via

Who would be on your development team? How much would it cost to develop, and what would you sell it for?

Does it allow for a social connection? Does it connect to Facebook or Twitter, and if so, why? If it offered to update the status of a user on Facebook, what might the status say? (e.g. John LeMasney just finished his final project on CourseUpdates!)

How does it improve the life of the user?

Have fun. Propose something that would actually be useful. Show me everything you learned, please, to the degree that it applies here.


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