Assignment 7: Social Media Dashboards

A segment of a social network

Choose 2 social network dashboard solutions

from the ones that we reviewed, set up accounts in them, and then add RSS feeds, social networks, or other curated content to them. Note that RSS feeds are often advertised, but you might also search on the phrase “name of site rss feed” to discover them. e.g. Search for New York Times RSS Feed

Then answer the following questions with help from our template:

  1. What insights did you gain about your personal or organizational brand from the dashboard. What are you able to more easily discern?
  2. What is the business benefit of tools like these? How can you help to define or shape brand with these tools?
  3. Do some simple google searches on yourself, your organization, and your industry. If you knew nothing about these topics, and had only the search results to go on, what would you find from these results? How does your determination change from the social media dashboards’ curated search engine?

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