Incredibly important: Virtual meeting next week (10/20)

Hi all. Check your email!

I will be in Wisconsin at a funeral next Tuesday during our class time. In the interest of both keeping our classes going and introducing you to an incredibly important technology set, I am going to meet with you by Google Hangouts.

Here is Google’s explainer video about Hangouts:

A Google account is required, and we will have to accept the ability to chat with each other, and you will need a phone or laptop with at video capability. Your phone will be easiest, but the desktop will be most comfortable and stable. You should be on WiFi if by phone and plugged in if by laptop/desktop.

Here is a more detailed overview by Paul Charron:

Since I do not want you to figure this all out on the day of class or, worse, during class, I would like to do a one-minute test with you each individually to make sure you understand and allow the connection.

Please use my personal scheduling tool at to arrange a time for a one-minute test. Attendance is mandatory, as per a typical class.


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