Assignment 4: Learning to use Inkscape.

SVG versus PNG in Inkscape by John LeMasney via

SVG versus PNG in Inkscape by John LeMasney via

While I did not present a presentation, per se, tonight, you would benefit from looking at (and should consider references to) my presentations on Graphic Design and Visual Literacy.

Hi, all. So we’re getting deeper into hands-on technology now. This assignment will introduce you to a new tool for creating custom graphics that will allow you to create graphics with far more personalization.

From here on out, I expect you to use Inkscape regularly to create illustrations for your posts. You can make charts, graphics, illustrations and more using this tool, and you should get in the habit in the future.

If you are looking for inspiration for your illustrations, please visit my body of work done in Inkscape

1. Download and install Inkscape from If you have issues, call me at 609 553 9498. Here is an overview of the process as well:

2. Complete and post the results of the following tutorials along with the answers to the questions below. You can feel free to play a bit with the tutorial to emphasize your brand, e.g. in the tutorial for the glass shape, feel free to do the tutorial exactly as it is posted or choose a shape of your own. Note that the videos are not embedded because these videos (on this site) are not supported for embedding in Inkscape. Note that HeathenX often shows the entire tutorial in high speed with music first, then does the tutorial at regular speed over his voice. Don’t try to follow the tutorial in the high speed preview. Special thanks to for the great tutorials, over 100 in number. If you were to follow all of them, you’d know far more than I do about Inkscape.

In conjunction with your posting template, please address these questions in your post:

  1. What was the most difficult aspect of using Inkscape?
  2. What is the benefit to using Inkscape over using someone else’s graphic?
  3. What is the potential power of using graphics to express an idea over or in addition to using just text?

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